HawkinzWeb Design Services

To get the most from your website you need visitors! I can offer a range of website services to help you maximise the potential of your website.

  • Guaranteed page hits
  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Guaranteed Visitors - A website without visitors is like a shop that always has the shutters down. Without visitors, your site will never be able to promote your offering, but how do you get people to visit your site?
    I offer to guarantee a minimum number of hits to your site at a competive price. From just 250 hits to 20,000 hits or more (just ask for my high volume discount deals)

    Order your Hits
  • 250 guaranteed page hits       £4
  • 500 guaranteed page hits       £7
  • 1,000 guaranteed page hits       £10
  • 2,500 guaranteed page hits       £20
  • 5,000 guaranteed page hits       £35
  • 10,000 guaranteed page hits     £50
  • 20,000 guaranteed page hits     £80
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Most people use a limited number of search engines when searching on the internet, and studies have shown that most surfers will not search beyond the first 3 pages, therefore to attract search engines to index your site in the higher ranking positions will often require a degree of 'fine-tuning' to web pages to increase their importance in the search engines.
    The algorithms that the search engines use are a closely guarded secret, and periodically amended to try and prevent people from artificially boosting non-relevant pages in the search results listings. However well designed pages will suffer less in these adjustments.
    I can offer advice on how to improve your site pages to make them more likely to be better indexed by the major search engines.

    Place Order
  • 1-5 pages         £5
  • 6-15 pages       £10
  • 16-25 pages     £15
  • 26+ pages       ask for personalised quote

    Please feel free to contact me with your requirements, and join the list of international clients who have had their expectations exceeded with stellar service.